How to care for your Maison Daviel Jewelry

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Maison Daviel jewelry is precious. A few precautions are recommended in order maintain the original appearance. Try to avoid contact with cosmetics, perfumes, skin creams, and long exposure to water (especially swimming pools), as it will accelerate the natural process of silver tarnishing (or oxidation) and might damage the layer of gold on the Vermeil jewelry. Storing each piece of jewelry away from light, humidity and heat will also slow down tarnishing. The Maison Daviel jewelry pouch that is provided with each purchase is a great way to carry and store your jewelry!

If tarnishing appears, rub gently with a piece of soft cloth only. That should do the trick! As your new piece of jewelry becomes a go-to piece of your wardrobe, it will gently age and thus become a part of your style and your story!

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