The choice of Silver and Vermeil

All of Maison Daviel's Jewerly is carefully made with solid recycled sterling silver.

Vermeil is obtained by applying a thick layer of gold on silver. Maison Daviel Vermeil jewelry is made out of an 18k and 3 micron thick gold layer over the solid recycle sterling silver.This thick layer provides a long lasting golden color to each pieces of jewelry.

Vermeil pieces of jewelry are made only and entirely out of precious metal alloys, which gives the piece an intrinsic value. It matters greatly to my mind that the piece of jewelry that I'm wearing is entirely made out of precious metal and that no mysterious metal is hidden under a thin layer of precious metal (sensitive skins take note!). Solid gold can be quite expensive. So for a golden finish, vermeil offers a perfect balance between quality and value. It allows you to build a collection of high-quality designer jewelry on a reasonable budget! And remember that, with a little tender loving care, vermeil jewelry will maintain that warm and classy gold finish for a very long time.

To vouch for this quality, every piece is marked with the Maison Daviel mark: 'M.D'. And every piece is marked with the '925' Sterling Silver mark.