The Concept

Jewelry is empowering. I believe it can not only inspire but also give you the confidence to achieve whatever you set your mind to. Throughout time, many iconic women have worn jewelry as emblems of their strength. Bold and elegant jewelry is helping me become the confident and strong-willed woman I aspire to be. I want to design empowering jewelry that enables you to assert your own individuality.

Maison Daviel jewelry is made for the busy lives of modern women who want to express their strength and the values by which they live. Whatever form of Rock Star you are, I want Maison Daviel to provide you with that extra boost to be your best self.

My designs adapt to the multifaceted modern woman: you can wear the Lucy signature earrings for everyday use, and when you need that extra boost, why not add a bold statement element to gain the confidence necessary to face the day’s challenges? Which one of our statement earring drops inspires you?